Mold making for export, apply to HASCO or DME
Our mold making room is fully equipped to manufacture custom plastic molds and machined steel parts in-house, 90% of our injection molds are exported to European and north America, we are familiar with HASCO and DME standard after many years' focus on export market. Averagely we can supply 25 sets of fully equipped mould making room of china injection mold factory molds per month, lead time is around 25-35 days depends on the complexity of mold structure, mould bases supplies by LKM, mold steel and heat treatment with certificates apply to customers' specification, maximum machining capacity 7.5ton, minimum precision 0.005mm.
Our mould making capacities and experiences include:
Shuttle and Insert Molds
Expandable and Interchangeable molds
Multiple Slide Action Molds
Stripper and Floating Cavity Plate Molds
Hot Runner System
Unscrewing Molds
Mold steel we frequently used:
1.2344, 12343, S136, LKM2316, LKM738H, 1.2083, 1.2312, 1.1730, H13, P20, MOLDMAX-HH.
Mold Making Process
1) CAD design
2) Mold base, steel and accessories preparation
3) Rough machine
4) Heat treatment
5) CNC precision machining
6) Wire cut and EDM
7) Finish and fitting
8) Mold trial
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