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Production Process of Customized Products for High-Pressure Die Casting

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A manufacturing process in which a liquid is moulted into a hollow shape object and then allowed to solidify is called casting. Die casting is a type casting procedure in which the molten metal is pressured with high force into a metal cavity. In die casting procedure, the moulded cavity is manufactured by using two hardened steel die tools which are shaped by machine.

High pressure die casting method is very popular these days and die casting products are sold in every market. The products are mostly used in electronic items and include camera chassis, radio assembly, camera housings, tablet frames, headsets, etc. Multiple companies around the world follow pressure die casting, and one of those companies is a China-Based company named YUECHENG. The company is specialized in casting procedures, and high pressure die casting is performed by using different materials like Aluminum, Zinc, and bronze. The company produces different customized materials by using high pressure casting method. Parts which are made by die-casting are used in the automobile and motorcycle industry.

die casting

The basic pressure die casting system consists of two vertical platens. Bolsters are placed on each of the platens. The placing of bolsters placed on platens holds the die halves. There are two platens in every system, as mentioned, and out of these two, one platen is fixed while other is movable. The combination of these static and dynamic platens allows the die to open and close.

For pressure casting, a specified quantity of metal is poured into the shot sleeve. Afterwards, the metal is introduced to the mould cavity. The process of introducing the metal into the mould cavity is achieved by using high pressure by a hydraulic-driven piston. As the metal is introduced in the mould cavity, the metal will be solidified. After the metal is solidified, the die is opened, and casting will be removed.

There are two types of high pressure die casting. The first process is the hot chamber process, and the other is the cold chamber process.

Hot chamber process is only used for zinc. For using the procedure for other materials, it should be noted that the material should have a low melting point and should not affect or erode plungers and cylinders. In the hot chamber process, the metal required for casting is placed in the holding furnace at a specific temperature adjacent to the machine. Now, an injection mechanism is placed in the holding furnace. The major part of the injection system is directly in contact with the molten metal. The metal is forced into the die through gooseneck due to the pressure applied by the injection system. In the next cycle, the metal will be drawn closer to the gooseneck for the next cycle. This procedure results in allowing minimum contact between the metal and the air.

The cold chamber procedure has a minor difference from the hot chamber procedure. In this system, the injection system is used for applying pressure on the metal. The metal is transferred manually or automatically in an idle state to the shot sleeve. The pressure is applied by using a hydraulic operated plunger. This process results in minimum contact between the injection system and the metal, which causes an extension in the life of the materials.

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