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OEM Ability


Our highly experience engineers focus on computer aided engineering (CAE) to produce tooling.

Pro/E and Pro/M to ensure accuracy for customers’ products’ design, tooling design, and manufacture.

We use casting process simulation to predict how the die will fill, solidify, and cool, reducing the risk of defective parts.

We are trying to lean more new designs about the casting and injection to optimize the processing and retain the products design features while reducing the cost .


Yuecheng industrial is an integrated enterprise , concludes product R&D, Sand casting , Die casting , Investment casting , Gravity casting ,Stamping ,Extrusion , CNC machining , Plastic Injection and mold making; Our product focus on Auto parts, Medical parts, Auto LED parts, warninig lighting parts, Industrial appliance parts, Forklift parts and Truck parts, Display parts and so on. As for the best quality and reasonable price with timely delivery, we have exported our products for many years. Yuecheng provides a one-stop solution from design to assemble . Most of our customers come from USA , Europe …


Punch                                       Hydraulic press 
Blasting                                    Automatic die casting machining
Tumbling                                  CNC Grinding 
Automatic Tapping                   Multi-axis machining
NC machining                          CNC Machining

More and more CNC are used in the secondary processing to meet high accuracy, and even replace traditional manual deburring processes. However, the cost saving of the automated improvement on traditional equipment is effectively offset by the group CNC processing used to cope with the rapid growth of labor costs.


External surface finishes are applied to products if the parts require a decorative finish or corrosion resistance.
Engineers will select the best tooling and process design to meet surfaces requirements of die castings are three grades:

A. No cosmetic requirements. Some surface imperfections are acceptable
Anodize (non-decorative)
Chromate (yellow—clear)
B Surface imperfections that can be removed by spot polishing or can be covered by heavy paint are acceptable.
· Lacquers Enamels Plating (Al)
· Chemical Finish Polished Finish
· Electrophoresis

C. Slight surface imperfections that can be removed by agreed-upon means are acceptable.
Anodize (non-decorative)


Quality is all of us. All of our innovations in mold design and process are to improve the quality of our products and deliver them to the customers to win the market.
Effective quality management system can ensure high quality stability continuously.
This is our ultimate goal.

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The casting, machining 
and finishing specialists
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