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In the whole production process, we are according to ISO9001:2000 quality control system to carry out every steps, before mass production of kinds of product, we will take stock for it and design key control point for quality:

Raw material detection

The single purchase of raw material can’t exceed the regular output of each stove in aluminum alloy ingot company, confirmed the aluminum alloy ingot is a same batch when purchase in aluminum alloy ingot, they should supply laboratory sheet to follow aluminum ingot, we should keep it in the archive.
We will random inspection 30% of warehouse entry aluminum alloy ingots every time to do spectroscopic analysis, to confirm these two report are reached the standard, then to deposit.If these can’t reach the standard, return this batch aluminum alloy ingot. Before pouring, we do test stick and stove sample for spectroscopic analysis and Testing Mechanical Properties.

Size control

Technology department need to create the three-dimensional model according to customer’s drawing and feasibility of casting; Mold three-dimensional finished, after confirmed ,then make the toolings with CNC; For the first sample, we will inspect dimensions by Caliper or CMM, and do a size report. ; In the mass production, we will be according to 30% to do random check, and do size report; Use standard screw thread gauge to inspect screw thread.

Outer inspection report

No taper angle and burrs; Lines are smooth; Repair spilehole and defect on surface, if it can’t be repaired, it will be separated and scraped it.; There is no obvious repair vestige on product surface.

Assemble quality inspection report of product

For the assemble product, we do Assemble quality inspection to confirm all the parts can assemble freely.


  • How does Yuecheng handle the complains? 

    A: During processing, if found any defective sizes, we will inform the clients by email. Only get clients approval, then can ship out.
    B: If happen any complaints after the customer got the goods, please show us photos and detail complaints points, we will check with the production department and QC depart immediately and give solving solution with 8 hours.
    C: If need re-make, we will arrange re-make urgently and ship you new replacement within 7 days. Yuecheng will bear all the cost.
  • How does Yuecheng control the quality ?

    A: During processing, the operator inspect the sizes after finishing each processing step.
    B: After finished the first whole part, need show to QC department  for full inspection. 
    The first sample has been approved, then can start mass production. 
    C: Before shipment, the QA will inspect according to ISO sampling inspection standard for mass production. We will do full quantity measuring if client request. 
    D: Will do 100% full checking for small QTY ( less 100pcs)
    E: When shipping the goods, we will attach the inspection report and material certificate with the parts.
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