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  • Aluminum Die Casting Parts and Its Significance in Aerospace Industry

    The existence of the commercial aircraft industry was not possible without aluminum die casting parts. The Boeing 747 has got 75 tons of aluminum as well as the new Airbus A380 uses 66% aluminum for its air-frame.

  • Things You Need In A CNC Machining Manufacturer

    In an industry as complicated as that which is presented to us today, as a result of the economic development of the various productive sectors, taking into account a correct selection of the CNC machining parts as well as the CNC manufacturer will give us a place in this important business chain.

  • CNC Machining Parts: Choosing a Reliable CNC Manufacturer

    In any type of mechanism, even the smallest part of it can influence the daily operation of a machine. When referring to the mechanization of all these elements, the technology and the quality of the machining center are two of the key factors.

  • CNC Machining Work

    If you ever had the patience to sit in a shop class during your fifth grade or listen to Tom Hirst narrate his usual episodes of How It’s Made on the Discovery Channel, then there is a chance you have an idea or two about how lathes and other metalworking machines operate.

  • What Is Sand Casting?

    Sand casting has to be one of the oldest casting processes around, dating back to before 1000 BC. Starting from process controls, material options, tolerance capabilities, producing elaborate parts, and broad-size ranges, the processes which have all come quite a long way still have their rudiments essentially the same.

  • How to Price CNC Machining Processing

    A CNC (computer numerical controlled) is a machine that has a computerized router that reads digital files and then translates them into precise cuts of 2D, 2.5D and 3D in a variety of materials such as wood, plastics, aluminum, steel, and others.

  • Holiday Announcement of 2019 Spring Festival

    Thanks for your concern and care for such a long time. As Chinese New Year approaching, all Yuecheng staff wish you and your family a joyous new year, happiness and good luck in 2019. To celebrate this special and traditional festival, we will have a long holiday.

  • What Can Die Casting Make

    Die casting is an efficient and economical manufacturing process, which is mainly used in the processing of metal castings. Die casting technology manufactures parts by injecting molten metal into mould at high pressures and speeds. It can produce a variety of parts with complex shapes and long serv

  • Where Is Die Casting Used

    Where Is Die Casting UsedDie casting is a quick, reliable and cost-effective manufacturing process that can produce geometrically complex metal parts through the use of reusable molds, called dies. It is also called pressure die casting. Die casting is an non-expendable technique and widely used in

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The casting, machining 
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