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Several Ways of SurfaceTreatment of Zinc Alloy Die Castings

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For many industrial operations, the companies invest a lot of money in the surface treatment of aluminum die casting parts. Nevertheless, zinc die castings surface finish is not needed. You can also add the outward polishes to die casting. It can improve the value and quality of the item. It will also be able to add more features to the item which will grab the attention of the customers.


When it comes to the surface treatment of zinc alloy castings, then there is nothing to worry about! There are several ways to perform zinc die castings. At present, we are going to explain these ways to you. Have a look:

Aluminum Passivation

The aluminum coating on the parts is also known as conversion coating. It is a film which is quite thin. It is added to the part for the resistance of corrosion. This coating does not damp the conductivity of the part.


You have to make use of the paint coating for the surface treatment. At the time when you will apply paint to the non-treated or treated surface, then the part will look amazing. Moreover, you will have the capacity to personalize it according to your requirements and brand.


Anodizing is a method which has three types. The type one anodizing is also known as the chromic acid anodizing. It is the most commonly used anodizing method. It is used to coat the parts of metal. This method involves the use of toxic chromic acid. However, it is used in particular conditions where too much corrosion resistance is required. The type two anodizing has to offer corrosion resistance, and it also improves the look of the parts. On the other hand, the third type is known as the hard coating anodizing. It is a method in which the hard coating is applied that maximizes the strength of the surface of your part to reduce metal scratches and abrasion.

Casting Impregnation

At times, you cannot avoid porosity throughout the metal casting. In diverse cases, the small pores can affect the structural integrity of the part, which is not avoidable. In case, it is important to make the part pressure tight and strong, then remove porosity. The casting impregnation can fill up the pores present in the parts. It can also help in making the part pressure-tight.


This procedure utilizes the electricity to deposit paint on the parts. It gives corrosion protection in the long run. The best part about this method is that it is reasonable in price than the other options.

Why Choose zinc die castings?

There are many reasons to choose zinc die castings. Some of these reasons are the following:

• It provides high strength

• It has to offer immaculate finishing

• The price of raw materials is too low

• The thin walls could be included in the zinc die castings items

• Electric conductivity is excellent.

• It has good stability and corrosion resistance.

The best thing about zinc die casting is that you can use it against the pressed and stamped materials. This feature makes zinc alloy casting stand out from the other casting methods.

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