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What are the application fields of aluminum extrusion profiles?

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In the metal industries, the main focus is metal fabrication. This is an innovative field and accounts for a wide range of products ranging from the small to the large-sized aluminum extrusion framing and heavy device components. You can see that from the trailers, the bleachers and more. Most fabricated structures are made using the extruded aluminum section. The good thing about the aluminum is the fact that it makes the fabrication and its assembly a lot easier while improving the stiffness and the strength. Another good quality of the aluminum material is that it is good looking, resistant to corrosion and also lightweight. You can either paint it, coat it, anodize it or even polish it to a shine. 

These listed properties make the aluminum material an ideal material for a wide range of application. It may surprise you to know the vast spectrum of application of aluminum for extrusion. 

We shall be looking at the various application fields of the aluminum extrusion profiles.

Let’s get started!

5 common fields of application of the aluminum extrusion profiles


Whenever you mention this field, it encompasses the railings and balustrades associated with the bleachers and the building facades. Here, you talk about the aluminum extrusion shapes for ideal applications such as in the building of canopies which will be lightweight but is expected to handle a load. A good property of the aluminum here is the high stiffness, which means that it needs less weight. Architectural designs with the aluminum profiles are corrosion resistant on exposure to rain and look attractive even when it is uncoated. 

Display equipment

At trade shows or exhibitions, almost all the stand you have seen are constructed using the extruded material. This is because of the extruded section is designed in such a way that the pieces will interlock. This design helps to ensure quick and easy assembly. Another good thing is that you can easily move around with it. You can also have it polished for a durable and attractive appearance


Another application of the aluminum extrusion profile is in the automotive field for the construction of products such as the trailers. The good property of the aluminum material is that it is suitable for maintaining the lightweight of your trailer. At least the tow vehicle would have less work to do in moving your trailer. It’s just a simple analogy! Another application of the extrusion profile is in RV’s because it can be polished up to look almost like chrome and won't rust. You can also use it for decoration.



It’s relatively easy to build various kinds of frames by joining lengths of extruded aluminum shapes to inserts. You can see that in picture frames and frames used to hold solar panels. They are corrosion-resistant and lightweight.


Aluminum extrusion shapes are almost everywhere around factories where they are steadily used for work. Most metal workers prefer the material for equipment like carts, inspection tables, workbenches due to the fact that it is lightweight yet stiff, drill and cut, and also has good value-for-money. Another good property is its added attraction.



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