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Things You Need In A CNC Machining Manufacturer

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The key to obtaining the expected results in production is the correct selection of a CNC Machine

In an industry as complicated as that which is presented to us today, as a result of the economic development of the various productive sectors, taking into account a correct selection of the CNC machining parts as well as the CNC manufacturer will give us a place in this important business chain.


Acquiring a CNC machine always plunges us into a world of confusion by not knowing if the decision is appropriate or not. That is why it is necessary to take into account these criteria for an accurate decision at the time of purchase:

First, we must define the application for which we acquire the machine or manufacturing team, whether it is multiple productions, unit lots, single pieces, molds, dies, fixtures, etc.

With the application, very important parameters are defined:

Size of the equipment/CNC machining parts: If it is a lathe we can define turns and distances between centers if it is a milling machine or machining center we will define the size of the table and the necessary routes.

Performance of the machine: It will be necessary to define the operating speeds of the equipment such as RPM of the spindles, fast advances, programmed advances, the power of the motors, etc.

The torque of the axes: It is vitally important to define what we are looking for in terms of productivity, if the piece to be manufactured requires a lot of road travel, high axle torque will be required to obtain speed, if the piece requires excellent finished torque goes to the second term.

Type of guides: The square or box guides give us a machine resistant to excessive cuts and in any way will allow us cuts of fine finishes, the linear guides give us smooth and precise cuts, but without loss of power in the programmed cuts.

The optional accessories are always the subject of the decision: options such as the number of tools in a turret or a changer, the position of the turret (horizontal or vertical) or a changer (type "umbrella" or type "arm") define whether the equipment will be for production or manufacturing unit pieces.

CNC machining parts, in particular, will allow us to define the productive future of the machine since from the number of tools we can define production cycles. We can choose turrets with "live tools", which are rotary tools that allow us to perform turning, milling and boring in the same assembly ensuring excellent precision in the dimensions of a piece.

The the arm changers in a center of machining allow us rapidity in production to reduce the times of change of tools and allow us greater storage of the same but limiting the weight of the tools to use. On the other hand, umbrella type changers limit the number of tools but allow us a greater weight of the tools to use.

Again, it is important to consider a few things about the CNC manufacturer you’re likely going to be purchasing your machine from.

Reputation: this is one important thing you need to look out for in any CNC manufacturer. What has been said so far about this company? In other words, it means the reviews about this company. You can learn from sister companies. This way, you’re sure that you’re going to be dealing with a trustworthy CNC manufacturing company. Again, you won’t have to bother about the CNC machining parts as they will provide you with your industrial needs.

Experience: How long has this manufacturing company being in the business? Experienced companies are better than those startups. You need to ensure that you get the best for your company, equipment that is sure to serve your production needs.

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