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What Can Die Casting Make

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Die casting is an efficient and economical manufacturing process, which is mainly used in the processing of metal castings. Die casting technology manufactures parts by injecting molten metal into mould at high pressures and speeds. It can produce a variety of parts with complex shapes and long service life. 

What Can Die Casting Make

The die casting process can be typically divided into two different types:

  1. Hot Chamber Die Casting is mainly used for processing zinc, magnesium or copper alloys. Metal is melted in the casting machine, and fed into the die. The advantage of this process is that the cycle time is short and the metal can be added more quickly.

  2. Cold Chamber Die Casting is often used with metals that alloy quickly with iron at high temperatures, such as copper and aluminum, because these materials would regularly pose problems when melted in a (part-iron) casting machine. The cold-chamber process is better suitable for metals with high melting points. The main disadvantage of this process is that it is relatively slower compared to the hot chamber die casting process.

Die casting parts have the following advantages:

  • Die casting parts are stronger than plastic components in dimension strength;

  • High-speed production: The factory can manufacture a large number of die casting parts with fewer tools and higher production efficiency. It can reduce the production cost of the factory and increase profitability.

  • Smooth surface: The die casting parts can be manufactured with curved or seamless surfaces and and they are easily plated or finished with a minimum of surface preparation.

  • Dimensional accuracy: Die casting can produce durable and dimensionally stable parts in strict compliance with specifications, and they are also heat-resistant;

  • Strength and weight: Die casting parts are stronger than plastic injection moldings at the same size. Thin wall casting parts are stronger and lighter than those produced by other casting methods.

Die casting parts can be turned into auto die casting parts, auto die casting engine fittings, die casting air conditioning parts, die casting gasoline engine cylinder head, die casting valve rocker arm, die casting valve bearing, die casting electric power parts, die casting motor end cover, die casting shell, die casting pump shell, die casting construction accessories, die casting decorative accessories, die casting guardrail fittings, die casting wheel and other parts. 

With the continuous improvement of domestic manufacturing equipment industry development level, the level of die casting equipment has also improved significantly. The types of parts that can be manufactured are also expanding. The precision and complexity of die-casting parts have also been greatly improved. It is believed that the die-casting parts will better serve our production and life!

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